Watch Your Child Flourish In Our Preschool Learning
Program as we prepare them for Kinder

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  • Bright classrooms create a backdrop for your child's preschool educational success.
  • Preschoolers are introduced to cognitive skills such as sequencing, matching, social skills in similarities and diversity, and language art skills of storytelling and writing.
  • Your preschooler is encouraged to progress at their own pace according to individual needs and abilities.
  • Learning centers are provided for your child to develop self-confidence and practice decision-making, each center with guidance.
  • Your child becomes self-aware as a learner, beginning to develop strategies for expressing ideas in spoken and written forms.
  • Your child develops multitasking skills, hand-eye coordination, rhythm, and tempo through lots of singing, dancing, and rhyming.
  • Books are a staple in our Pre-K 4 curriculum: Developing a love of reading at an early age is the key that unlocks the door to lifelong learning.

Our Program Offers

Starting with our 18-month-old class, we teach children life skills and help them to develop physical, mental, social, and cognitive abilities. We want to work alongside families as we prepare your children for success in school and life.

Great Developmental Strides Are
Made In Our Toddler Program

  • Learning centers provide your child with imaginary play with blocks and puzzles, creative art and lots of books. Toddlers work with numbers, colors, shapes, and letters.
  • Thematic units offer the students the opportunity to learn about different kinds of animals, holidays, cultures, traditions, and environments.
  • Social growth is emphasized each day through circle time by incorporating stories and songs that encourage language skills.
  • Teachers guide students through activities that strengthen their gross motor skills and provide self-help skills such as hand washing, picking up toys and sharing with friends, putting on a coat; all in a safe and nurturing child care setting.
  • Parent and teacher work together to provide the best environment for success for potty training.
The Enchanted Children's Academy Staff Primary
Concern Is The Safety And Health Of The Children
Which Includes:

  • A warm and nurturing atmosphere in a safe setting.
  • Respect for the individual needs of every child.
  • Open communication with families in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.
  • A learning environment with opportunities for creativity, exploration, and fun activities.
  • A professional faculty committed to working with an early childhood curriculum.
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Enchanted Children's Academy is dedicated to providing a quality education
experience with an enriched foundation for future learning.
  • We provide a learning environment that encourages flexibility for each child's unique abilities.
  • We focus on the child's social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills.
  • A wide range of enriching activities meets the individual needs of each child.